Evangelical Cathedral

Evangelical Cathedral

Catedralei evanghelice din Sibiu i-au fost atribuite numeroase caracteristici de-a lungul timpului: într-o nota de calatorie ea este descrisa ca „cea mai remarcabila constructie a Sibiului”; savantul sibian Emil Sigerius a denumit-o „o adevarata casa memoriala” a saxonilor din Transilvania. Astazi ea reprezinta însa mult mai mult decât toate acestea: ea este simbolul orasului Sibiu.

The city's history is closely associated with the church. The buildings cathedral church that worked evangelical ranks first documentary made possible in Sibiu 1191. Pope Celestine III confirmed this year independence "Ecclesia Theutonicorum Ultrasilvanorum", ie German church in Transylvania. Prepozitura had its leadership in Cibinium.

With the city's development was done and church construction. Since XIII century and until the first half of the sixteenth century this building was transformed step by step in a Gothic architectural monument. Then cathedral and more space gained by building so-called ferrules in the west and turning it into a church hall with more ships of the same height in southern natural setting of vessel. The complex of buildings in the churchyard, that does not exist anymore, It was built in the Middle Ages and included during its flowering, outside church, four chapels. Apart from these, there were many churches in the city and fortified monasteries. Until the passage of Sibiu and then the whole nation in Saxon 1545 Lutheran faith, Both the church and the entire city were Catholic. From this period have been preserved until today valuables, and bronze baptistery, a large altar polyptych and monumental painting by Johannes von Rosenau, situated on the north wall of the choir and depicting the crucifixion of Jesus.

Although construction of the cathedral was completed in 1520, Every generation has enriched and decorated the church according to her needs and conceptions. Thus it was created here the most comprehensive and representative collection of epitaphs and funerary plaques in Transylvania, It was built one of the largest organs in the country and have gathered a treasure from the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, which can be admired today at the Brukenthal. Universe's past life of this city can not be charged more than anywhere else in the museum of the Church of Evangelical, which is a few minutes walk from the cathedral Evangelical.

Not only church, but also highlights the entire Huet Square, by placing Brukenthal school opposite the cathedral, they had important humanistic values, that society considers timeless. Therefore bronze statue situated between school and church depicts Bishop Georg Daniel Teutsch (1817-1893) the garment church. He introduced progressive reform has led to improved social relations in all fields, especially as regarded education system in German, whose reputation was preserved until today.

Despite the much smaller number of parishioners, Evangelical parish C.A.. Sibiu is today the largest evangelical community in the country and puts his mark on the cultural life of this city. It supports various social institutions and charitable nature, and Environmental protection is a pioneer in Romania. Evangelical Cathedral is an ecumenical center and a meeting place for guests from all over the world. Through numerous church concerts and exhibitions every year enriches the life of this city. From April to October guests are greeted by guides who tell the history of our church which continues until today.