What is the story ?

What is the story ?

Surely you're wondering what the story?

The story begins some time ago, a unique concept with great painstakingly made by us.
Ago 2 years making and selling various tourist magnets and magnetic persevering I made some photos of exceptional quality handmade. Many tourists but I wondered what the image means , which is actually her story, who are legends….

Hence to achieve a quality product was only one step, and very, hard work, We searched and created quality images, stories and legends closer to reality, I have translated in a language but not in 3, Romanian, English and German.

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We created a format holder closed 10 x 15 cm – open 21 x 15 cm, a carton of brown vintage, I added the story and magnetic photo, QR code for those who use smart phones and also a link to the site where it… You can read the entire story quietly in the 3 language you prefer.

This is the beginning of the story.

concept Author [George Popescu]