eyes Sibiu

eyes Sibiu

Just one simple walk through the historic center of Sibiu to you feel like you're immersed in legend. Square of the city withstood centuries of history. If in the Middle Ages there witches were burned at the stake, and criminals put to the guillotine, today this place hosts the largest arts festivals or music from Eastern Europe.

Besides cobblestone walls of the fortress and majestic buildings encountered at every step, Sibiu has lesser known architectural elements, but with tourism potential as high. It is about the so-called ,,eyes of Sibiu 'hiding many legends.

As may seem strange, the true is that wherever you walk through Sibiu, you'll feel like you're watching. too, many foreign tourists feel like rooftops affect them carefully and even make jokes on this.

It is enough to look at the roofs of buildings to realize that this, really happening! Are ,,eyes Sibiu”, nothing but some small windows of different shapes, all positioned in the middle of roofs.

,"Sibiu eyes" were built in the beginning with a practical purpose, namely to ensure ventilation in attics houses. With time, windows have become a symbol of the city: are wide open eyes that watches over people and tourists. Unique is that these eyes I have so upset the mighty communist regime, that during 60 They wanted to demolish all the buildings in the historic center of Sibiu.

A renowned architect of those times was opposed, and managed to keep the eyes open toward the world around Sibiu. Before 2007, year when Sibiu was Capital of Culture, They were refurbished around 40 facades of buildings and historical passages in Sibiu. "Sibiu eyes" were virtually wiped out and pimp.