The bridge of Lies

The bridge of Lies

Built on the site of a gate tower of the second fortification enclosures, Liars Bridge linking the two sectors of the Little Square, allowing connection between the Lower Town and Upper Town, it is, Without doubt the best place in Sibiu legend loader.

Representing a true symbol of the city, Liars Bridge was rebuilt in 1859, Frederick device lui la Hutte, the first in Romania and the second in Europe made of cast iron, decorations by traforare and ends with two large circles decorated with the emblem of Sibiu.

Initial, according to chronicles of the time the bridge was built of wood, Emil Sigerius mentionând la 1771 as "passing under the golden gate bridge is illuminated at night by three torches and guarded by three sentinels".

Until the construction of this bridge, access between the two sectors of the market was made under a conglomeration of buildings, demolished 1851. The wall that supports a frame encompassed scale square stone, vestige of a medieval building. Bridge of Lies is considered a romantic, where lovers used to gather, although his account circulate at least four legends.

The closer to the truth seems to be primarily a linguistic similarity. Because the bridge was first raised without supporting pillars, I was also told "lying bridge". or, Saxon dialect "down" (peeping marchen) is the namesake of the word "lie". So then they had to weave all kinds of "stories" on behalf bridge. The elderly site attributed it even "quality" human. They said the bridge "feel" every falsehood uttered by those who go through, starts to moan in a typically, care of flowers, ominously creaking joints and gives the impression that rail will fail any moment, the liar will fall down empty.

Another legend speaks that the market traders were Piata Mica, and consequently the bargain, negotiations. Sometimes, as happens in any bartering, and customers were duped. They were returning merchandise bought and, the laughter of the crowd, They threw them off the bridge on the candle caught with small merchants. In this way, they not only do not deceive Sibiu but never served as a parable for all rogue Precupetii.

The "spicy" legend bodily cleanliness of the bridge was holding the girl who used to gather with their boyfriends, in that place. Here were made vows of love, Valentine is plotting future, They were made marriage plans, After which, previously claimed to be righteous young. When things happening not just stand, it is said that immediately after the wedding night, brides were dragged by the hair up on the bridge, where were thrown, to be punished in this way for their false vows.

Linked to the same "chapter" is the legend according to which the cadets of the Military Academy, after stealing the hearts Juneau meetings naïve promised them under the moonlight, on the bridge, which, however,, invariably, "Forgot" to pose.