Weakening the electro gym IdealBody Sibiu

Weakening the electro gym IdealBody Sibiu

Among the methods of weight loss and body shaping in the gym and there is also beauty body electrostimulation. It strengthens and tones every portion of the body, remove fat and drain toxins to be removed.

Electro is a safe procedure that micro currents are applied to the muscle fibers of the treatment area and stimulating work. This electro stimulation creates a huge demand for energy in muscle. To meet this demand, surrounding muscles use fat as an energy source, it burns them in the same way that burn during regular exercises.

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We recommend carrying electrostimulation sessions especially in areas that respond to exercise harder: waist, hips, abdomen, Deen, thighs, but in the breasts.

At a session lasts IdealBody 20 minutes, the duration of treatment being 2 maxim 2 sessions per week.

What exactly is electro?

It is an intensive fitness, experts evaluating the 20 minutes of electrostimulation of 2 times a week, equates to 6-8 Gym hours without interruption. So it is that the effects are immediately visible, sometimes even after the first session.

in plus, as a result of the electrical stimulation treatments, muscles become firmer and the fat is removed. Besides toning muscles and burning fat, leading to an incredible drop in centimeters, electrostimulation increases metabolism, blood circulation and oxygenation level locational, making it an extremely effective in treating cellulite.

The feeling that you have when you electrostimulation is very pleasant, like a relaxing massage. A electrotherapy session lasts 20 minutes, while the muscles are contracted at different intensities. Late first visible effects appear after the third session, but after 12 sessions can speak of a remarkable slim.

Benefits of the treatment of electro:

  • firming muscles
  • eliminate cellulite
  • fat layer shrinks
  • skin regains elasticity and healthy appearance
  • improves blood circulation